We make online tutoring learning support accessible

Maintaining continuity with online learning.

Tutoring Works is here to help. 

We deliver online tutoring and dyslexia therapy sessions and have the tools and capability to help you. 

Online tutoring learning sessions take place live and online, which means students can log in from the comfort of home and work with an expert teacher. 

Online tutoring includes 

Face to Face Teaching

Via a computer, ipad or even a phone, through an online platform. This is just like a regular tutoring session, but over the internet, in real time. Sessions are interactive, allow your child to ask questions, get feedback on their skills and continue their learning with a caring teacher.


Their very own Google Classroom with explainer videos deep-diving into certain skills. This includes additional worksheets specific to them and their learning needs. Your child can access their Google Classroom at any time between online tutoring sessions to continue their learning at home!

Home Learning Hub

Private access to a parent portal section of our website. This houses resources for our families with information designed to empower parents with the resources and knowledge to further help their kids. Continuous guidance leads to learning development.

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Tutoring Works 1 Hour Tutoring Sessions

Weekly learning through live tutoring sessions, feedback & practice

Each student’s individual learning journey is supported through a series of live face-to-face sessions with an expert teacher matched to the student’s needs.

We cover all the theory and examples needed to ensure comprehension, and our sessions are designed to be engaging and encouraging.

Our expert teachers offer guidance through demonstration and worked examples and assign targeted practice questions to help students master the topics and concepts covered.

After each session, personalised feedback is provided to help students and parents track their progress.

Session break-down
First 5 Minutes

Establishing the session theme, why are we here?
• Discuss student’s areas of focus
• Review previous session’s assigned practice
• Set session learning goals

During the session
50 minutes

• Work through exercises based on the topics and concepts for each learning goal
• Teacher demonstrates, guides and explains concepts
• Work though any challenges
• Students are encouraged to explain their thinking to clarify their comprehension

Reflection and looking ahead
Closing 5 minutes

• Reflect on what has been achieved in the session
• Set practice questions

Individual, Tailored Learning

We individualise all online tutoring sessions for your child’s learning needs. The structured programs work on weaknesses and strengths to help children build their confidence. 

We’re here to take the pressure off you, if you need extra educational support in the comfort of your own living room.

Qualified Teachers

Our content is developed by qualified teachers who understand the most effective methods to help children learn and thrive. 

We extend upon what children are learning at school and also help them develop skills that they may have missed.

We set goals for our students and help them achieve milestones in their learning, both big and small.

Our content is based on the Australian National Curriculum, therefore even if your child’s school year is disrupted, you can feel confident that their learning needs are being met.


Designed to suit your family’s busy lifestyle.

How to get started

online tutoring

Getting started with Tutoring Works online tutoring is easy and convenient

  1. We’ll schedule your tutoring session times.
  2. We’ll continue your individual learning plan that you are following with your teacher in the centre.
  3. We’ll send you a step-by-step guide for logging in and completing your first session.
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All online programs

Are live and delivered in real time.

Are individualised

Are progress focused

Are written and designed by qualified and registered teachers.

Adapt to the changing needs of students

Are multi-sensory and target specific needs of each student

Are intensive and designed to get the most out of every tuition session.

Parent Empowerment

Our Tutoring Works families will all be provided with a password to access our Home Learning Hub which contains videos and activities for your child to work through at home at their own pace.

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