We make online tutoring learning support accessible to ensure your child doesn’t fall behind. 

Online support during school closures and beyond.

Do you need activities to use at home during the COVID 19 crisis?

Tutoring Works is here to help. 


Tutoring Works offers ​online tutoring and dyslexia therapy sessions.

At Tutoring Works we know nothing is more important than your child’s safety. If your child is safe, then you can worry about continuing your child’s learning journey. 

But… its not easy in the face of school closures, homeschooling and government lock downs. 

We understand the challenges. We have been delivering online therapy sessions and tutoring and have the tools and capability to help you. 

We are committed to helping you – as a parent – do everything possible to meet the challenges and continue the momentum your child has built this school year. 

Online tutoring learning sessions take place live and online, which means students can log in from the comfort of home and work with their expert teacher. 

Watch this short video which explains online tutoring

What it includes 

1. Face to face teaching – via a computer, ipad or even a phone, through a platform called Zoom. This is just like a regular tutoring session, but over the internet, in real time. This will be interactive, allow your child to ask questions, get feedback on their skills and continue their learning with a caring teacher who they know and trust. It also allows your child to continue their learning routine. This will not be ‘busy’ school work, but will be directly relevant to your child’s weaknesses and key skills. 

2. Google Classroom – their own Google Classroom with videos on certain skills and additional worksheets specific to them and their learning profile and needs. 

3. Home Learning Hub – A parent portal section of our website, designed to empower parents with the resources and support with videos on how to support your child’s learning at home during these challenging times. 

Now more than ever, your child will require extra learning support. 

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Getting started with Tutoring Works online tutoring is easy and convenient

  1. We’ll schedule your tutoring session times.
  2. We’ll continue your individual learning plan that you are following with your teacher in the centre.
  3. We’ll send you a step-by-step guide for logging in and completing your first session.
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All online programs

Are live and delivered in real time.

Are individualised

Are progress focused

Are written and designed by qualified and registered teachers.

Adapt to the changing needs of students

Are multi-sensory and target specific needs of each student

Are intensive and designed to get the most out of every tuition session.

Parent Empowerment

Our Tutoring Works families will all be provided with a password to access our Home Learning Hub which contains videos and activities for your child to work through at home at their own pace.

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Contact us for your child’s online learning plan